The Ritz Management Academy is headed by Dr. Dave Basu as Chief Mentor,funded by Mr. Rajan and Byju’s. During a time in which Bangalore was in need of good international tuition exposure,he took the opportunity and turned it into a reality. He has been in the line of teaching since the year 2011.His method of teaching has helped him to spread out his entrepreneurship in the field of teaching as well as develop a name for himself. He has taught in different cultural backgrounds. Having a Phd in Economics and Masters from UCLA and being an active member of the UNICEF and Akshay Patra Foundation,he is mindful about the Indian Culture and a big philanthropist spreading joy among special kids and community school.

His amicable nature has made him profoundly popular amongst Young and Old. Apart from all this, he has also served in the Big 4 firms like KPMG,PWC,CTS,GE and Fidelity Corp in his illustrious career.He is also an examiner for Bangalore University and a Certified Cambridge Tutor for Edexcel, AQA and IGCSE.Also,a Board Member of Res Consultants LLC and Senior VP for Graphnile Research.

He started his dream with on a very small level but now has 2 branches with a total of more than 250 students. Ritz Management Academy believes in the policy of results. Their results speak out the way they carry out their work. Diligence is the key word and his team has always given utmost importance to what their students achieve in their professional careers.

Ritz Management Academy also recognizes that all these tests measure more than just your mastery of the concepts. They also test your intellectual endurance and your ability to perform under pressure. When you work with Ritz Management Academy,you will also receive individual coaching to build your confidence, optimize your cognitive and physical stamina, and maximize your ability to perform under pressure. When test day arrives, you’ll have more than the knowledge you need to ace the exam, you’ll also be able to take the test with poise and confidence.

You have the innate abilities needed to master the SAT,GMAT and ACT. Our goal is to foster those capabilities and to give you the tools to apply them effectively. The SAT and the ACT measure skills that are considered to be essential for college success including your ability to answer questions with accuracy and insight, your expertise in critical thinking, your math skills, your aptitude for drawing reasonable inferences from information, and your talent for analytical writing. With Ritz Management Academy , you’ll master those skills and become an expert on the SAT ,GMAT or ACT.


When you receive SAT or ACT tutoring from Ritz Management Academy,you develop the skills you need to maximize your scores. Using diagnostic tests, each tutoring journey begins with an in-depth assessment of your test skills, strengths, and weaknesses. When you study with us, you receive an individualized action plan to help you tackle the reading, math, and writing sections with accuracy, expertise, and confidence. In addition to regular assessments, we also work with students on time management strategies in order to maximize your potential for success.